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NAWTi “Natalie Nunn” Sextape Stolen, Blackmailer Demands Cash

The Nawti and Bad Girls Club star, 27, Natalie Nunn mentioned she recently misplaced her ipad and she’s been receiving blackmail threats about her sextape with her husband.

Nunn’s friend tells that while they were in New York doing promos for Bridezillas an unknown stranger did away with her (Nunn) iPad in the hotel. Found personal X-rated pictures, sex tapes of her and her husband (Jacob Payne), and the blackmailer is making threats of releasing it to the public or sell to the highest bidder unless she paid them $100,000.

Natalie Nunn “NAWTi” Is Getting Married Today

That sexy tiger Natalie Nunn from Olu Maintain’s NAWTi video, and ‘Bad Girls Club’ reality show is getting married today. This story sounds familiar doesn’t it? Kim & Kris. Yea! Natalie Nunn is getting married ‘cos of her show. I wish you an entertaining married life!

Olu Maintain Breaks Down NAWTI Acronym

Nigerian music veteran OLU MAINTAIN recently re-emerged on the Afrobeats scene after a short hiatus with the excellent new single “NAWTi” and eye-catching video which features. Natalie Nunn from hit reality TV show “Bad Girls Club” to huge fan and critical acclaim. While on a promotional tour of the single and his hugely anticipated and long-awaited forthcoming album, Olu Maintain stopped over in London for a chat with Gidiculture TV.

We spoke about a wide array of subjects including his time away from the game, why he chose Natalie Nunn for his video and in this exclusive clip, Mr. Olu Maintain aka Mr. Yahooze aka Mr. NAWTi finally breaks down the acronym for “NAWTi” and the true inspiration behind the acronym and the new single…
Full interview coming soon.


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