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JJC Lashes D’banj on Interview With Nigezie

JJC cannot keep mute and watch D’banj (their offspring) talk about the squad negatively in public. In an exclusive interview with NET, D’banj made a reference on how JJC cheated Don jazzy. JJC himself with Nigezie as a platform to the public, disclaim such act stated by the former crew member, D’banj — a couple of secretes have also been exposed. Watch & download the video below

Statement From MoHits Lawyer + D’banj Signs With Mercury Records

Another day, another dawn, another information. Following the leaked email from Don Jazzy and D’banj, the Mo’Hits lawyer on behalf of the artist (to prevent them from saying anything wrong like on twitter) demands for an amicable settlement;

“In Consideration and Mutuality of D’Banj signing over to you (Don Jazzy) his entire stake in Mo’Hits Records Limited, you in return sign over to him your stake in Koko Holdings Limited, with the Catalogue now undifferentiated as between ‘D’Banj’ and ‘non-D’Banj’ sub-catalogues, (which is) in keeping with your express wishes. In view of
recent events which are indeed surprising, I think it is an optimal way forward. Before Mo’Hits imploded, the relationship between D’banj and Wande Coal, one of the artistes on the label, had been anything but cordial. The Mushin-bred singer was reportedly rude to D’banj at the height of the success of his debut album, leading to his being placed on suspension from releasing any song. The album was released in 2009 and up till December 2011, no new material came from him except for a collaboration with Ghana group, R2Bees, on the song, Kiss Your Hand.
Thus, pitching his tent with Don Jazzy is perceived as getting back at D’banj. He even has a word for the Kokomaster; “God, please don’t let the success you have given me get to my head to the extent that I will forget my humble beginnings.”

D’banj also signed with Mercury Records Group, UK. Mercury Records is a record label operating as a standalone company in the UK and as part of the The Island Def Jam Music Group in the US; both are subsidiaries of Universal Music Group. They represent artists like Bon Jovi, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Ne-yo and lot more. “Oliver Twist by D’Banj is going to be Scott Mills’ ‘Big Thing’ all this week on Radio 1. Scott Mills is covering for Chris Moyles on his slot this week, so you’ll be able to hear the track every morning on the Breakfast Show all this week” – Mercury Records

Empire War; Leaked Emails Between Don Jazzy & D’banj

Some certain conversation via email between Don Jazzy and D’banj has been leaked. I know the rift between them is because D’banj wants his share of the company, Mo’hits — Don Jazzy wants to give out the catalogue to five (5) charity organisations. I also told you both parties are now being represented by their lawyers O.O & co(former firm name) and Mr Ellias, respectively.

[Mo'Hits stands for Michael-Oyebanjo Hits]

Mo’Hits catalogue starts from D’banj’s first album, No Long Thing, Rundown Funk U Up, The Mo’Hits Crew All Stars’ album (Curriculum Vitae), The Entertainer, Wande Coal’s Mushin to Mo’Hits, Dr Sid’s Album and other features or collaboration from other entertainments.

Please, take a deep breath, relax your mind, as you start reading the e-mail so as to make a clear understanding of what’s going on;

On March 17th: Don Jazzy’s email
“That Mo’Hits Records does not already own 100 percent of the songs. Note that Mo’Hits Records only owns 60 percent of the songs and 40 percent belongs to the individual artiste. So, 40 percent of the songs is not mine to give.”

That me (I am) giving him (D’banj) my share of the catalogue does not and will never include him having the right to stop them (the artistes) from performing the songs or give him the right to claim any monies for live performances of these songs. And any loans or debt owed by Mo’Hits records as at today will be cleared by Mr D’banj as I am clearly not aware of any.

“So, songs like Wande Coal’s Go Low and Been Long You Saw Me are not part of this catalogue he is receiving. Also, an artiste like D’Prince, not only has he not released any album, he has not signed any contract whatsoever with Mo’Hits Records.

That he has no right to claim any monies for deals that have been brokered already as at today with the catalogues or stop their usage. It is important to note that any unreleased songs done by any artiste (including D’banj and K-Switch) MUST NOT be released and is not part of the catalogue I am giving away.

With these few points, I do hope that you all realise that I have been generous enough to facilitate the End of the “D’banj & Don Jazzy” era as a team. After this new deal has been signed and sealed, I do NOT look forward to seeing an email whatsoever or hearing from the DKM (D’banj, K-Switch, Mo’Hits) crew, and all is well again.

Same day: D’banj Email (reply)
“In case he (Don Jazzy) forgot, this is the arrangement! 50/50 — song writer/ production, which means for a song X for artiste Y, 75 percent as per production is fully owned by Mo’Hits and writing is shared 25/25 with the individual artiste co- writing. So, that’s the deal! So him saying 40 percent is not his to give away is more like 75percent me and 25percent each artiste.

What do you mean by any bills or loans would be cleared by Mr. D’banj? That will never happen because when I ran the company, I ran it perfectly and well. So, if I give him my shares he is left with 100 percent liability. My catalogue is everything that has been done with the Mo’Hits system and under the normal agreement we have, that means everything I have recorded or that has been recorded whether new or old, or even classic, whether beat with concept or even idea without beats, anything we did as a team and sponsored by me throughout, then, it is mine. Including K-switch clause and all mine and even Wande’s singles and all till the date
of signing even today.

And now, I wanna clear the air on this Samsung deal! I would expect by now that you understand that me keeping quiet is being GENEROUS because this is a deal structured under Mo’Hits Records, (and it is) the first deal and income you would ever bring into the company in eight years. We shared the first $150,000 the right way; 1/3 down and that was cool. But after you collected another 130,000 and did not say anything (that) is and could be described as theft! I only refused to contact them (Samsung) directly because of your reputation. But please don’t call me a fool and
let’s know who is generous!”

Please, please, will he (Don Jazzy) return the Bentley because I bought it for him and it was N5.2million more than mine? And Prince that he claims has no signed contract but is actively involved and signed via engagement – I win his catalogue too – all recorded whether released now or not! This is because no one questioned me when I bought D’Prince N11million naira car (LR3/Range) without releasing any album just to boost the image of the boy and it worked for him! So, let’s get the facts straight, I AM BEING MORE THAN GENEROUS.”

That’s it! Don Jazzy wants D’banj to bear the burden of both loss & gain(esp the loss) of MoHits because D’banj is positively winning the case. About the Samsung deal, D’banj is entitled to the final payment made by the brand. I’m not saying Don Jazzy is wrong nor D’banj is right…those two point are just worth extra emphases. I’m not TeamDonjazzy, I’m not TeamD’banj. All I want is for them to break-up the old Era in peace, and not affect the new Era.

Email credit: Punch

Don Jazzy Exclusive Interview With HipHop World (part2)

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  • Video: Don Jazzy Exclusive Interview with HipHop World

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    A Little Message From D’banj

    I’m sure by now Mo’Hits fans and lovers know what’s going on with the record label. You’ve only heard one side of the story from Don Jazzy and he didn’t state what’s what and what’s not, precisely.

    D’banj would like to pass a message across through the Mo’Hits manager, Mr Sunday Aare, to his fans and everybody reacting to the situation on ground.

    “I have spoken with both especially D’banj and plans are on the way to settle whatever impending crisis there is. These are necessary things that must happen among friends and families. Well, Dbanj has said he needs time and will let his fans know what happened and I’ll appreciate if that can be respected” – Sunday Aare

    A very close source made us know both parties are now being represented by their lawyers. We have more info but I’m sure D’banj would speak up when the time is right like he mentioned.

    Lyrics: Private Trips – Wande Coal

    I don’t think I can live this life without your love
    It’s giving me fever and I’m thinking of her
    And I go do everything
    I will do anything
    Imma do anything, baby we can do it anywhere (reverbs)

    Just the two of us catching private trips
    No one has to know
    Don’t tell anyone
    Its me and you
    Yeah-yeah you-u-u-u

    [Verse 2]
    Oya come make I make u Mrs WC
    And I know you like what you-u-u-u see
    Wetin you see
    no be wetin d other girls dem see
    That’s why I no dey shakable
    Out of the girls that I know, omo you dey burst my thinking
    Sho mo something like sticky yickie
    And you gat a body like Nicki(Minaj)
    And I’m picky, I pick u


    [Verse 3]
    I’m so glad that I have you in my life right now (x2)
    Babe, shawty! shawty!!
    You are the special one, special with him
    And you gat the special body
    And she gat the goddess body (x2)
    Private Trips – Wande Coal (Mp3)

    “I Co-own Mo’Hits with Don Jazzy” Ebony Magazine Corrects Error

    The voice of the angry Nigerians has been heard by D’banj’s team and the black people’s magazine “Ebony“. The magazine has edited/corrected the personal claim of Mo’Hits records by D’banj.

    “Coming from Africa, I’m my own manager, I co-own a label called Mo’Hits with Don Jazzy and we represent artists Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, D’Prince and K-Switch.”

    Are you still in doubt about the break-up between D’banj & Don Jazzy? A press release came from Mo’Hits manager concerning the state of ownership but nothing on the break-up. Do the maths.

    I Own Mo’Hits And The Artists – D’banj

    I confirmed the break-up between D’banj and Don Jazzy. Yesterday (March 12), the Koko Master was interviewed by Ebony magazine, speaking about adjusting to America and working with Chicago’s genius “Kanye West”.

    “Coming from Africa I’m my own manager, I have my own label called Mo’ Hits with my artists Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, D’Prince and K-Switch. I own Mo’ Hits and we’ve won numerous awards by the grace of God. Being with Kanye for the last eight months and me leading a successful label in Africa, I’ve learned a lot and I believe people will see what we’re going to do. I signed with Kanye in June and that same month I won the BET Award for Best International Act. My New York concert isn’t done by G.O.O.D. Music, it’s done by Live Nation, meaning I’m already a moving machine.” – D’banj

    I think D’banj is getting caught-up with the American style, rocking Cavalli outfits, and working with Mike Dean. Read the complete interview on
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    D’banj And Don Jazzy Break-up

    The rumour about D’banj and Don Jazzy break-up surfaced last week. The lack of response to the situation has been regarded as an approval, a yes, and a consent by the media. Their split-up has been blamed on creative and personal differences.

    D’banj has been criticised for the Presidential campaign interview, fuel subsidy removal protests, and poor defensive interview with Sahara TV. — D’Banj does not remit any money to Mo’Hits again.

    On the other hand, Don Jazzy gets 50% of all the money that comes into the music, leaving the other members (D’Banj, Wande Coal, D’Prince, K-switch, Dr Sid) with the remaining 50% to share among themselves. D’banj accused Don Jazzy for being too laid back and not closing deals. [No press release yet]

    Intel: “The Nation” newspaper (Sunday, 11/03/2012)
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