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Exclusive!!! Rapper Tyga Gets Into A Shoot-out After Concert

MediaTakeOut confirms that the Young Money rapper Tyga was at a concert in Omaha Nebraska. While he was performing on stage, someone threw a bottle at him. Tyga ignored and another bottle breezed towards him the second time. He didn’t want a brawl at his show so he said “who threw the bottles…if you wanna fight, meet me outside”.

Tyga and his crew were trying to leave the venue after the show. All of a sudden, some gang members started shooting at the Young Money crew and some other Tyga Gorillaz shot back. Tyga wasn’t hurt though, but a female artist “Honey Cocaine” was shot on her arm.

School-Boy Q, Jeremih, and A$AP Rocky have also been victims of getting stoned on stage while performing last week. Sh!t is getting real.


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