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NBC Bans New Set of Nigerian Music Videos

NBC (National Broadcasting Commission) have banned new set of Nigerian music videos. Classified NTTB (Not To Be Broadcasted) video off the screen due to excess sexual content and scenes Read the rest of this entry

Music Video Bill Tears Goldie and J.Martins Appart in SA

Nigerian pop star, Goldie, and male singer, J.Martins are in an alleged misunderstanding over a music video shoot in South Africa.

Goldie flew to South-Africa to shoot the video for her new song “Give It To Me” featuring J.Martins which dropped online few hours ago. J.Martins made the trip down to SA from his personal bill. Goldie had sent a driver to pick him up at the airport, but “J” checked himself into a different hotel from the one Goldie had prepared for him Read the rest of this entry

Video: Say My Name – Goldie

Kennis Music drops Goldie’s music video for “Say My Name” while she’s playing the Big Brother Africa game at the moment. I don’t get how this is music. Sheesh! Directed by James Oludare

Big Brother Reveals Celebrity Housemates; Singer Goldie From Nigeria

Video: GOLDIE – Asap Rocky

Asap Rocky debuts the video for his official single “Goldie” produced by Hit-boy. Rocky and the Mob flew to Paris to shoot a couple of scenes. In an interview, Rocky explains why he changed the track name which was originally “Cristal” to Goldie.

“Jay-Z called for a boycott of the pricey bubbly after the company made disparaging comments about hip-hop. It’s called ‘Crissy’ and it’s basically a mockery towards it. It’s to get them upset. On the track, If you listen to the lyrics, “Cristal by the cases/ Wait, hold-up that was racist/ I would prefer the Aces Ain’t no different when you taste it” — we don’t even fu**in’ care about champagne, we drink 40s” – Asap Rocky

It must be ‘cos a nigga gat dough. Extraordinary swag and mouth full of gold…UGH! YEAH!


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