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COMPLEX MAGAZINE: Alicia Keys “Unlocking Alicia” (2012 Cover Story)

One of the greatest talents of her generation opens up about the emotional sparks that ignited her latest album, Girl on Fire.

The first thing you see when the elevator doors open at the Oven recording studios is Alicia Keys’ face, painted floor to ceiling, next to a rendering of the Empire State Building. Her portrait is part of a mural—a kind of musical Mount Rushmore commemorating great New York artists. It’s fitting for a recording studio located on Manhattan’s far west side—not far from the Hell’s Kitchen apartment on 43rd and 10th where Alicia grew up with her mother. To the right are Lennon in his NYC period, Kool Herc, and Jay-Z dressed in his Reasonable Doubt finery. To the left are the O.G.s—Sinatra, Ellington, Gillespie, and Billie Holiday Read the rest of this entry

COMPLEX MAGAZINE: A$AP Rocky “Rocky Road” (2012 Cover Story)

A$AP Rocky is concerned. Moments before heading into New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, he spots a cluster of fans outside his tour bus. Rocky doesn’t want them to see his $6,000 leather Givenchy crewneck, or the Y-3 shorts he’ll be wearing for the sold-out show tonight. He asks his right-hand man, A$AP Lou, a stocky white dude with gold fronts and a Givenchy T-shirt, if there’s a robe he can put on for the 25-foot trek from the bus to the venue. He settles on a Public Enemy Supreme parka to preserve the element of surprise, an impulse that falls in line with his exploding career Read the rest of this entry

Right By My Side – Nicki Minaj ft Chris Brown + Complex Cover

Nicki Minaj new single Right By Side featuring Chris Brown. A track from her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Young Sister “Nicki Minaj” also covers the new 10th anniversary issue of Complex magazine.


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