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Video: Boogey – All Love

Video: Boogey – Sanctum

The debut video from AbOriginal Music MC extraordinaire, Boogey. Dope visuals and left-of-field filmmaking by Brotha Lee combine with Boogey’s intricate lyrics about religious and music industry hypocrisy and intolerance, to deliver a classic video for an already classic song.

Music: Boogey – Sanctum

A glimpse into a more personal side of Boogey than hip hop listeners are used to, “Sanctum” finds Boogey attempting to reconcile questions of faith and personal morality in the face of spiritual and artistic obstacles. Produced by Charlie X and hook by JaneSam.

“Imagine me being tired of rapping/Ain’t getting paid all these people do is admire my actions/Imagine ‘em calling me a legend or comparing me to Em (Eminem) after this/But I ain’t hearing ‘em from inside of my casket”

Music: Zee – Bring It Back ft Boogey

The Rapper Girl “Zee” drops a brand new track titled “Bring It Back” which features Boogey. Produced by Bigfoot(micworx). Real female rap is back so cop this joint!

There Is Poetry In Everything, Mind Is Control

“There is poetry in everything if you look for it” ~ Jay-Z

There’s more to rap than what we hear on the surface. The hiphop book “Decoded” explains rap is thought-provoking; there’s thought
behind it — everything. Depends on how you use it.

Everything happens for a rhyme and reason. Shyne Po said. Shout-out to, the editor created a topic “1 verse, 1 hearse” to talk about rap lines with complete meaning and senseless ones as well. A tweep shared a rap line by a popular Nigerian rapper Read the rest of this entry

Music: Machine Gun Flow – AQ, Boogey, Morell

This is the second track off the fast rising rappers’ forthcoming EP – ‘Make your best rapper look stupid’. The first track titled ‘Distractions’ which featured Vector received rave reviews with Choc city M.I. tweeting what would best be described as a new height of respect for the rapper when he tweeted ‘A-Q tho’. ‘Machine gun flow’ features Boogey – which was recently featured on Modenine’s OOT mixtape and Morell.

What MI Abaga Thinks “TheThingAbout” About Nigerian Rappers


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