Picture Of The Day: D’banj ♥ Max

You remember D’banj’s interview with the cute blonde radio presenter with the british accent, that’s Max. D’banj dropped by her work “Choice FM” yesterday in London. “D’banj you always make me laugh”.

From the last interview, she asked D’banj a question and his reply wasn’t the normal cliché Koko master joke.
Max:: you’ve got Kanye, a big label, a big Jesus piece around your neck, Kokolets, what’s bad in your world?
D’banj: hahan! The fact that you say you don’t like me

Koko Master obviously needs a woman that supports everything he’s doing. In every joke there is always an element of truth. They look and sound compatible anyways.

D’banj ask Max out. YES/NO ?

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  1. Lovely couple, Max Inspires me always though…

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