What MI Abaga Thinks “TheThingAbout” About Nigerian Rappers

Jude “M.I” Abaga is back with his controversial opinion about Nigerian rappers. MI who recently released his second mixtape “Illegal Music 2″ with a sense of giving upcoming rappers like Makiller, Boogey, Yung6ix, Hence, Efa, Pope, 5mics, Phenom, and many more a platform so they can be heard.

MI took to his twitter with a harshtag #TheThingAbout and shared his view about mainstream rappers. A tweep (twitter person) refers his act as washing aka blasphemy “@gucchijones: Jude Abaga & Son Laundry/Industrial cleaning services”. MI said something really nice about Ice Prince most people don’t know, who has the best delivery, who introduced swag, who’s charismatic and the female rappers. This is what MI had to say about 17 mainstream MCs (with an album) plus himself;

#TheThingAbout Modenine.. Is that no other rapper said lines w such authority.. He literally created d punchline as far as naijas concerned

#TheThingAbout Rugged Man.. He showed us how to do it.. Make music for the people, be different, challenge status quo.. Rock the stage!

#TheThingAbout Eldee Tha Don.. The originator, leader, creative genius, ever changing not to be defined by genre.. Timeless.

#TheThingAbout Terry Tha Rapman.. This is the guy that said a line and everyone would go. wow.I’d never have thought of that! AheadofHIStime

#TheThingAbout Naeto C. After Rugged man, he redefined the art of the nigerian rap hit song. Crossed boundaries.. Introduced swag to naija

#TheThingAbout Ikechukwu. WFA! He defines unconventional creativity.. At the same time is a massive commercial success.. True artist!

#TheThingAbout Sauce Kid. U hang w/ him.. & U feel ur talking 2 greatness.. Spirit & charisma of Pac. Best rapper out of LA in a min period!

#TheThingAbout Jesse Jagz. Probably most creative person I have worked with.. He can do whatever he wants.. And so he does.. Genius!!

#TheThingAbout Illbliss.. Boss.. True Boss.. If Naija rap had a president.. He would be the guy that put the president in office

#TheThingAbout Vector. I once saw this dude pick words of a billboard and freestyle with them on a beat. Nuffsaid

#TheThingAbout Ice Prince Zamani.. Say what u want. Ice is our biggest export right now!! Biggest rap song in history of naija rap music.

#TheThingAbout DaGrin. One album.. Legendary Status.. Created a highway for his style and genre! Greatest!

#TheThingAbout Freestyle. In my opinion the 16 bars on tuface’s ‘Ole’ are the best 16 bars ever spat by a naija MC.. #iconic

#TheThingAbout Overdose. Master of Delivery.. King of delivery.. He could say anything and it would sound dope..and then he says dope shit!

#TheThingAbout Tu Shotz! The bridge between the heart of the MC & the heart of the listener.. 1 of the most historiclly important ppl in rap

#TheThingAbout Sasha. Respect the first lady.. Carried the banner for the femcee alone for many many years… Most accomplished femcee!

#TheThingAbout Kel. She showed us how to do it right.. HUGE celeb, big tunes, jumped on tunes with the biggest rappers and held her own!

#TheThingAbout MI.. Is I can’t finish this now.. Gotta jet.. continue later :D (so far I just focused on rappers that have put out an album)

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  1. i will like to have a mixtape wit M.I
    i 4uckin luv dat guy

  2. i luv dis dude ‘M.I’ i wish he can call me one day 4 a mixtape (illegal music)

  3. I’m better than mi let him come and test me

  4. This guy should run for an office in Nigeria.

  5. MI IS D BEST IN NIGERIA.. He needs Grammay awrd

  6. Mehn M.I is d best dude av heard….since d first tym i heard him spit a bar…it sounded lyk a storm 2 oda rappaz cz d rap MESSIAH is MR.INCREDIBLE….kudos 2 u bro….we luv ya….

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