“I’m Not A Mode9 Fan” – Don Jazzy

This is one of the moments where a common quote “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but
not his own facts” kicks in the Nigerian music industry.

The CEO of Mo’Hits Records “Don Jazzy” airs out his opinion in the new issue of HipHop World Magazine with Wizkid on it’s front cover. He speaks on Mode9’s type of rap music and lyrics; “I think Mode 9 is a very good rapper but I’m not a big fan of his music because that’s like the old school kind of rap. I really can’t understand, I can’t take dictionary and be listening to your lyrics, I’m sorry”.

Mode9 is a hardcore type of rapper, the likes of Rakeem, KRS-1, Common and more. The world is said to rotate & revolve, fashion moves along so does Hip-Hop. It’s either you move on with the world or get left behind. Is Don Jazzy’s opinion a Fact or False?

Speaking of HipHop World magazine, gracing a pop artist on it’s front cover. Guess an album sale of over 5million copies can’t hold Wizkid back. It’s Wizzy baby! Cup a copy of the magazine and read more on what Don Jazzy has to say.

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  1. Buhahaha!!!

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